Hui-Kung Chang

camera and electrical department


Title Year Type
Dust of Angels1992movie
A Brighter Summer Day1991movie
Ling zhi yi xing1988movie
Tian Cai Xiao Bing1988movie
The Kinmen Bombs1986movie
Second Hand Goods1986movie
Sha Fu1986movie
Ba Fan keng kou de xin niang1985movie
I Love Mary1984movie
The Gift of A-Fu1984movie
The Warmth of an Old House1984movie
Old Mao's Second Spring1984movie
Jia zi xuan ji1983movie
That Day, on the Beach1983movie
Da yuan jing1982movie
Dangerous Seventeen1982movie
Chi se Xiang Wei she1982movie
Xue zhan da er dan1982movie
Equals Against Devils1981movie
Land of the Brave1981movie
The Young People Dream1981movie
A Man of Immortality1981movie
The Orientation1980movie
The Mystery of Chess Boxing1979movie
Fly up with Love1978movie
The Red Phoenix1978movie
Wo ban cai yun fei1978movie
Wu mang mang1978movie
Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver1977movie
Tiger Cliff1976movie
Lang ya kou1976movie
Pao xiao shan lin1975movie
Heroes Behind the Enemy Lines1975movie

camera and electrical department

Title Year Type
Da di long zhong1974movie
Da di chun lei1971movie


Title Year Type
The Gift of A-Fu1984movie