Joe Lockhart

archive footage


Title Year Type
Deadline: White House2022movie
Reliable Sources2018movie
At This Hour with Kate Bolduan2018movie
Anderson Cooper 360°2019movie
Erin Burnett OutFront2018movie
CNN Newsroom2018movie
New Day2018movie
Cuomo Prime Time2019movie
State of the Union with Jake Tapper2019movie
S.E. Cupp Unfiltered2018movie
The Clinton Affair2018movie
Meet the Press2017movie
Jim and Sarah Brady: A Tribute2015movie
Weekends at the DL2005movie
Late Night with Conan O'Brien2004movie
The Daily Show2000movie
K Street2003movie
Air Force One2002movie
The Press Secretary2001movie
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2000movie
The Campaign Trail to the Road to the White House: Storytellers2000movie
Late Show with David Letterman2000movie

archive footage

Title Year Type
Media Buzz2020movie
Tucker Carlson Tonight2019movie